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Wild & Whimsical Photography by a Joyful & Free Spirit

“Inside all of us is Hope.

Inside all of us is Fear.

Inside all of us is Adventure.

Inside all of us is… A Wild Thing.”

Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are


Chasing moments and emotions is my jam. I love taking a step back and watching the interaction between family and friends, experiencing all the love, silliness and kindness that makes them your favorite people. I’ve always loved this about photography, and have always had a camera in my hand to catch those looks, feelings and moments that might otherwise be missed. 


Inspired by sunshine, the ocean, the mountains and the great outdoors, I aim to bring those down-to-earth glam brides the experience of being candid, joyful and very much themselves. If you’re a bit quirky, a bit artistic, love to laugh and throw around pop culture jokes, we’ll get along swimmingly. Even better if you have photos and stories about your fur kids to share! 


Out in the wild, you can find me at the beach or on a beautiful hike. When I’m homebound, I love creating and tackling DIY projects (usually with the supervision of YouTube). I’m a singer and a bopper, constantly in motion and bringing the high energy and good vibes. Lover of good music and books, so send those recommendations my way.


 Photographer for over

5 years specializing in weddings and families.


Counseling and theater background helps connect the dots of finding your comfort zone and emoting for the camera.


Never afraid to be silly, so I’ll be laughing, dancing, cracking jokes and enjoying the moment right along with you.


High energy, good vibe individual who approaches all things with a sense of humor, whimsy and adventure.

Why choose Wild Key 


“We enjoyed every single aspect of the experience, you were an absolute pleasure to work with and we couldn't have asked for a better person or experience.  You made the whole process very easy and stress free.  You are so chill and easy to get along with, which made conversation easy and natural.  Everyone came up to us after the wedding and told us how personable you were and how much they liked you. 

-Jennifer & Matt

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Privacy Policy

Location: Tri-State Area: New Jersey,
New York and Connecticut

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