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  • What’s your Bride Vibe?
    A down to earth glam, that is rooted in color and whimsy. For those who are a little edgy, a little earthy, a little fancy and a little wild.
  • How many images do I get with my package?
    I charge for my time, not for a set number of images. The best of what we take during our time together will be edited and available to you.
  • Do you offer retouching?
    Yes, but it will be an extra cost for any alterations of reality. Send me an email for more information on retouching services available
  • Why should I do my engagement session through you?
    When we work together for the engagement session, you’ll get to know my vibe, my style and my structure for photos, making it so much easier on your wedding day! All the nerves will be out, you’ll know what to do and I’ll know what to adjust to make your wedding photos an even better experience!
  • Who do you choose for your second photographers?
    I choose second photographers who have the same high vibes I do! They are all business babes with their own companies, fully capable of stepping in should anything happen to me. These ladies are not just colleagues, they’re friends.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    If you don’t, I’ll be personally offended. In all seriousness, I love meeting your fur kids! Please feel free to include them in your most special moments. My recommendation is to have a friend or family member tag along to be a pup wrangler.
  • What inspires you?
    All things fun, sunshiney and outdoors. I love color, silliness, adventures, shenanigans and the unconventional & unexpected.
  • Is photography your full time job?
    Nope! I’m a full time counselor, which flexes a totally different side of my brain, but really informs how I approach client interactions. It’s important to me to be well rounded, which means I mix the worlds of personality and artistic creativity to deliver a more personal and intimate experience.
  • What’s your favorite movie?
    It’s a gridlocked tie between Singing in the Rain and Up!
  • What has been your favorite travel destination?
    Mallorca, Spain for a study abroad program in grad school. I very much appreciated the built in siesta time during the day and of course, all the paella!
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Location: Tri-State Area: New Jersey,
New York and Connecticut

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